Aptorum Group identified 3 Potential Candidates against COVID-19

Our Sister Group company, Aptorum Group [NASDAQ: APM], has recently gained media coverages from Apple Daily, Aastock, Finet, Sina News, Financial Newswire Column and many more on their latest project targeting coronavirus and has completed initial screening under the Smart-ACT™ platform, where at least 3 potential candidates has been identified for further preclinical investigation against the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

Chief Executive Officer Ian Huen remarked that due to the ongoing mutation and evolution of this coronavirus, it cannot be ruled out that there may be further strains of this coronavirus emerging in the near future. In order to accelerate development, Aptorum’s aim is to identify candidates from already approved drugs, that have established safety, toxicity and pharmacokinetic clinical profile for the treatment of COVID-19. President and Executive Director Darren Lui was recently interviewed by SNN, click here to watch the full interview.