Aptorum Group: NativusWell™ distribution in HK
As global woman’s health supplement market for menopausal symptoms is projected to reach over USD$50bn by 2025 with a CAGR rate of 16.4% (2016-2025), Aptorum Group announces the commercialization of NativusWell™ , its dietary supplement for women undergoing menopause and experiencing related symptoms. The nonhormonal supplement is made with the bioactive ingredient extracted from Chinese Yam (read technical presentation here). As part of the commercialization, a regional distribution agreement has been signed with Multipak Limited, a Hong Kong based group that operates household brands, including the Luk Yu® tea bag and other health related products. Through Multipak, Aptorum Group will be able to increase the accessibility of the product to a large consumer base regionally. The production of NativusWell™ tablets has commenced production in Canada. Read more about this press release here.