Aenco Smartcap: A Developer and Operator of I.T. and Internet Software Applications where Use Cases primarily focus on the Financial Services industry

Aenco Smartcap is a financial technology company experienced in the development and operations of I.T. and internet software applications. Aenco Smartcap creates an online capital fulfilment platform that leverages on digital technologies and enable smarter connections between global human and financial capital. The platform is powered by its integrated suite of applications under the AEN Connect (“AENC”) label.

AENC empowers both human capital and financial capital to engage their true audience through services that grow, manage, and optimize their liquidity options. The applications facilitate different needs across the spectrum of capital fulfilment including:

  • Capital raising via equity crowdfunding;
  • Crowd lending;
  • Digital asset exchange;
  • Digital asset custody and management tools; and
  • Specialized investing options.

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