Aeneas Group is working closely with Aenco Smartcap

We announced last month that there is a new strategic collaboration between Aeneas Group and Aenco Smartcap – a developer of I.T. […]

Pyrinas: How COVID 19 Reshapes the Real Estate Landscape Globally

COVID-19 has indisputably hampered the realm of commercial real estate across the world; it also, paradoxically, generated a novel opportunity for life […]

Aeneas Group is at RegTech Summit Virtual Event 2020

Aeneas Group is greeting June 2020 with more active participation at global virtual events – as before we stay ahead of the […]

Aenco as Gold Sponsor of Crypto Asia Summit 2020

Aenco has sponsored and participated in the Crypto Asia Summit 2020 organized by TeamZ. As a Gold Sponsor in this global virtual […]

Aenco Smartcap: A Developer and Operator of I.T. and Internet Software Applications where Use Cases primarily focus on the Financial Services industry

Aenco Smartcap is a financial technology company experienced in the development and operations of I.T. and internet software applications. Aenco Smartcap creates […]

Aeneas Group’s Latest Strategic Partner – Aenco Smartcap

Aeneas continues to grow its partnership base to broaden its financial technology and digital finance capabilities. Aeneas is partnering with Aenco Smartcap, […]


As the financial industry continues to face new challenges in response to volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business conditions, Aeneas Group is […]

Aeneas Group at Virtual Finance Transformation Summit 2020

To ensure sustainable global outreach and knowledge-exchange with finance professionals during these turbulent times, Aeneas Group was glad to attend the Virtual […]

Aptorum Group identified 3 Potential Candidates against COVID-19

Our Sister Group company, Aptorum Group [NASDAQ: APM], has recently gained media coverages from Apple Daily, Aastock, Finet, Sina News, Financial Newswire […]

Aptorum Group: NativusWell™ distribution in HK

As global woman’s health supplement market for menopausal symptoms is projected to reach over USD$50bn by 2025 with a CAGR rate of […]

Pyrinas Quarterly Digest – 2020 Q1

Amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, business in stock markets, global manufacturing, transportation and cross-border supply chains underpinning many aspects of international trade […]

Aenco: AENX 2nd Round Tester Programme & AENC

Aenco is launching the second round Tester Programme for their leading pipeline product – AENXchange. We launched a pilot tester programme last […]